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March 16, 2014

Why Social Media Advertising Failed and is Bound to Fail ..

7 Social Media Ad Trends for 2014 

Social Media Today in 2014 still exists .. But it does so just as a media without " all its hyperbole and hyphenation" as  it starts getting back to the " meaning of the word "Social"
However its not the same  during the hey days of 2007 to 2010  ( so called hey days ) when social advertising meant "that any " users can be targeted as " Male or Female, with a male or female child, either having baseball as his interest, and  " all  Latins  wanted to dance like Jennifer Lopez .. Its good that the sheen has come off " Social Media "Space

This is good because of 2 reasons.

1)It will help Brands, agencies and Consumer to understand more of each other. The biggest problem is that  we do not have any insights into  "What is social for a consumer might not be so for an agency, or a Brand.. The social  space unlike  Local cannot be based as " a conduit for " segmentation at all times, sometimes or most of the times

2)Business models do not work on social .. The social is just another ordinary platform to enable Business meet their objectives . Making money ' when other users talk about my brand without getting inundated with  a notification .. asking me 20 times if i have received a notification " that I have received a notification . from a friend whom i met during the summer of 99" has a new family member and had used "  a product".. Can I be asked .. if I can ask my other online acquaintance " to use the same product' on which I haven't the  remote idea.....

 I am sorry " If people just tell me " They liked an particular thing  from a store.. an feels that  I need to check it out .. and within a week, if a friend talks about a similar experience .. I will buy it..  That is Social ..Media be dammned ( if might be in a car, bus, at a grocery store or at places where i have no business to be ) !!

Dont mix up " Thoughts " with Feelings