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April 9, 2014

Advertising Spending by Medium :

budgetary spend by media
 Mobile will be the prime contributor of new ad spending (accounting for 35% of it), and will grow to account for 7.6% of total ad spend in 2016

According to a new forecast from Zenith Optimedia. Between 2012 and 2015, online ad spending should increase by $47.6 billion, or about two-thirds of the $71.7 billion in projected growth. Fueling that increase will be mobile advertising, with spending predicted to increase by $24.8 billion in that time period, relatively on par with TV’s contribution ($26 billion) to growth.

Meanwhile, by that time, desktop internet spending will have grown to rival print (magazines and newspapers combined) in share of total ad spend (19.5% and 20.1%, respectively).

Recently, the researchers have updated their forecasts and are projecting mobile advertising to  exceed ad spends of $31.8 billion