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April 13, 2014

Amazon to enter crowded smartphone market with 3D Technology

Amazon to enter crowded smartphone market with new tech | TabTimes: "Already well-established in the e-reader and tablet space with its Kindle line, rumors of an Amazon smartphone have been circulating for over a year. The Journal says the new Amazon handset will stand out with a screen that display 3-D images without a need for special glasses. "

This comes  at a time when the smartphone market  ' is facing one of the fiercest competition in recent times, although Samsung remains the all time market leaders, with apple at a close 2nd, however of late Apple has seen a considerable " decline in its fortune .

According to WSj ( wall street Journal) the biggest ecom retailer plans to release their Smartphone end of September .Amazon plans to stand out from the clutter by " launching  a 3D technology

Industry analysts " however does not seem to share optimism about the ecommerce player entering the crowded smartphone market as the OEMS areinreasing seeing their profit shrinking as " low priced vendors specially the chinese ones like, HTC, Huawei and indian giant killer micromax  continues ti tap the " emerging segment

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