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April 21, 2014

How Much the Big 3 Tech Titans Spends on Lobbying: Google Spends 2 times more than Microsoft and Facebook Together

Infographic: Google Heavily Outspends Tech Rivals on Lobbying | Statista
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Google' ideology has become passe..these days  They dont really wish to  be called " Dont be Evil " nor it professes to be an internet company..  Their vision was to  let users manage information  and make it  simpler to use.. However not always.. as Google is not the same company has it  was  in 2001. That is clearly reflected in how much it faces in America's necessarily evil.. Spending on " Lobbying".

Take a look at this chart .In 2013 Google's $16 million spend was greater than what Facebook and Microsoft Spent together combined..or almost the same..This is 5 times higher than what Google spent in 2003

Microsoft's budget  on Spending remains  roughly the same with $10.5 million  spent on Lobbying in 2013, which is 60% lower than Google's $million

Facebook  the first time it  has spent on Lobbying with $16million. Amazon and Apple  with $3.5million.