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May 21, 2014

Device Usage and Media Consumption : The Media4.0 Explosion

As media companies start to look afresh at  their digital  consumers consumption patterns,  agencies and brands are  re looking on how best to serve consumers " the optimal content without being too intrusive 

Interruption  based marketing, once the sole  reserve of the traditional media, has slowly begun to " show their presence across the : online media  ( Youtube ... pre ..) 

 While there are tectonic shifts happening in the media  and entertainment industry as : multiscreen becomes more Consumers are influencing content and services in powerful ways. Companies are transforming themselves to serve customers on every screen. And new business models are beginning to thrive.

This report from Accenture rovides some glaring insights on how  " Consumers use media " in their daily lives and how it is beggining to influence  "  online distribution and content strategies