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June 18, 2014

Amazon to announce and Unveil its Smartphone Launch Today

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If you think there are enough players in the smartphone market.. Your plain wrong... would consumers who are already smarting under" plethora of smartphones " would be willing to give a new player" a chance in the already fragmented market.. Well Amazon would like to believe  that there’s room for one more. After months of hype, the company will likely lift the veil on its own smartphone on Wednesday at an event in Seattle. Though, Amazon is still not  openly commented on the "Details of its offering", it announced the 12:30 p.m. CST event through a tweet along with a YouTube video teaser that shows users reacting to something being held at lap level, but doesn't show what's in their hands. 

According to TIME magazine Reportedly, Amazon’s smartphone will use four corner-mounted cameras to track users’ heads on a 3D space.This is done by employing several infrared sensors to track a user's face in relation to the phone's display, making images on the screen appear in 3D

As you tilt your head or the phone, the screen will show a different perspective, and can reveal hidden menus in certain apps. TechCrunch claims that this feature will be kind of gimmicky at first, but it could help with one-handed use if it makes faraway icons and menu items easier to reach with your fingers.With its recent launch of streaming ad free music service for Prime subscribers,with more than 1 million ad-free songs, expect Amazon to hook this up into the smartphone’s software, as it has with the Kindle Fire tablets.