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June 8, 2014

PC vs Mobile Consumption by Gender

According to data from marketingcharts "women  in the 25-49 demographic spent more of their online time accessing via smartphones (54%) than PCs (32%), while for men, online time spent with PCs (49% share) outpaced time spent with smartphones (41% share).

This might be explained that " women might be more " casual users across  online web...while  for majority of the men  "are PC heavy users" which might be due to "data intensive work, or needing to spend more " time  with devices which are " multi dimensional in nature" and allow more flexibility and  needs more multi tasking which a PC can do better 

Not surprisingly, adults aged 50 and older skewed the most towards desktops, spending a majority 56% of their online time via PCs, compared to just 29% using smartphones. But, these adults were the heaviest relative users of tablets, spending 15% of their online time with those devices, versus 10-13% for the other demographics analyzed.