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July 10, 2014

Corporations Marketing Budgets: 10 Companies with highest Advertising Spends

Companies that spends the Biggest on ad and marketing
Marketing spends by industry : Forecast by Forrester 

In lean times, when markets are not doing well, amidst weak economy and sluggish demand , The one thing most companies do  is  to cut down its spends on advertising.
While many feel, this is not a great idea, as they reason, that in a bad economic climate when 90% brands have cut down spends, its is the rest 10% of the brands that continues to market during  bad times are the ones that " gets consumers attention, when the economy bounces back.
However during normal times , which are those global companies that spends the highest on their marketing and advertising ?
The List below  the chart shows the  Brands that spent the biggest on marketing and advertisin

  1. PROCTER &GAMBLE :                 $3.4 billion
  2. AT&T :                                                 $2.99billion
  3. GENERAL MOTORS:                      $2.87 billion
  4. VERIZON :                                          $2.45billion
  5. AMERICAN EXPRESS:              $2.22 billion
  6. PFIZER:                                             $2.12billion
  7. WALMART :                                     $2.06billion
  8. TIME WARNER:                           $2.04billion
  9. JOHNSON & JOHNSON:          $2.03billion
  10. L'OREAL :                                           $1.98billion