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July 7, 2014

Facebook Acquires a real-time video ad serving platform LiveRail

Facebook acquistion of real  time video serving platform Live rail


In another example of how Facebook is trying to take the game away from Google as the " worlds biggest digital ad platform , it has has just announced the acquisition of online video technology firm LiveRail.

LiveRail connects Publishers to all major Ad Networks, Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Exchanges, and Trading Desks, centralizing buyers to create a unified real-time bidding auction that drives competition for inventory

 LiveRail is among the leading publisher monetization platform for video advertising with over 5billion impressions a month and boasts of . With over 5bn impressions per month The company works with clients such as A&E, Univision, Major League Baseball and BET. 

Started in 2007, is the world’s largest programmatic platform for video publishers, with 170 employees across four offices Mark Trefgarne is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LiveRail.