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July 7, 2014

Has Digital Ad Spending in US now Bigger that TV Ad Spends

Us digital ad spending : 2012 to 2017
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TV ad Spending vs Online  Ad spending

Business Insider CEO " Henry Blodget recent presentation " on the state of the digital market, apparently  showed that " Online Ads  is exceeding TV and in his presentation headlined “Digital is now bigger than TV had  raised a fair amount  of controversy with " many questioning the source of the data 

Among  them were Tech Blog Digiday  which refutes that  though numbers shared by Blodget are not correct,According to a post by Digiday commenting on the  Chart it says that "the size of the  TV market was underestimated; Though emarketer consensus is $66.3 billion, but Blodget’s chart appears about half that

 however that digital will overtake TV advertising sometime soon.. however "that time is yet to come anytime soon..

In by a post  by  Digiday's    is reproduced below 

This would be an epochal change, only it’s not really true. TV ad spending, at least going by measurements of over 10 different sources, remains far larger than Internet ad spending, in the U.S and the world. Here’s a roundup of sources from eMarketer. A rep there said “not even close” to the notion of digital overtaking TV