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July 18, 2014

How Brands are using Mobile to drive engagement : case study

To maximize consumer interaction with
the Nokia Lumia device, InMobi created
a motion-activated rich media ad. The
solution enabled consumers to discover
the functionality of the smartphone in
their own time by clicking through the
different areas of the home screen

engagement for their launch

they arrive at each area, users had an
option to explore the area and Nokia wanted to build a mobile campaign
that would be able to reach consumers
in a relevant environment and educate
them on the benefits of the Nokia Lumia
smartphone and how it works.

The campaign achieved an average
CTR of 0.82%, with a peak of 1.39%.
Engagement levels on the rich media site
were incredibly effective, achieving an
average 2min 20sec visit duration for
every unique visit. Average % of new
visitors was 79.3%, achieving the goal to
expose the product t