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July 6, 2014

iOS vs Android :Which Mobile OS compromised most with user data

 user data compromise :Android  vs iOS

iOS apps leak more personal data than do Android apps - report: "Apparently its not only   Android  who is putting their  users data  at  risk . Infaact both the Mobile OS Giants do not leave any chance to consumer themselves ..    they both do it in full letter and spirit

The most popular free apps on Apple's iOS platform are sharing significantly more user data than the most popular apps on Google's Android platform, according to a study recently released by Appthority."

The  report first published at Appauthority, and subsequently reposted by Appleinsider "  says

 iOS apps leak more personal data than do Android apps - reportThe study found that all 50 of the top free iOS apps — and 92 percent of the top 50 free Android apps — send and receive data without encryption. iOS apps get more access to user data, with 60 percent of the top apps tracking user location, 54 percent having access to a user's contact list, 60 percent sharing data with ad or analytics networks, and 14 percent accessing users' calendars.