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July 1, 2014

Review of Seagate Blackarmous BAS110 Storage Servers

Seagate has announced a complete portfolio of products designed to protect data for sustained business 
continuity and optimum uptime Among them are

 Blackarmous BAS110 Storage Servers

  • The blackarmor NAS110 storage servers is designed to provide centralised storage and media streaming upto 10 Pcs and includes support for Windows server 2008 Wiki server and the 2TB of capacity making accessibility and sharing content easy for home networks
  •  The blackarmor line of solutions provide some software management tools that provide users a consistent user experience and future growth path with minimal training or additional support.with features like automated + fullsystem back up and safety drill and software.
  •  The Black Armor family is ready to destroy your entire system is a data disaster happens, a vitus attack, hardware failure or PC Crash were to occur
  •  Storage  would be I TB INR
    Price ::Rs 12,000 ( $150 to $200) Hardware, Server,Storage devices