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July 5, 2014

Search Engine stickiness : Measuring The most engaged search user

most engaged search user: highest engagement time

Google  Bing or Yahoo : Who Drives the Most engaged Search User - Which Search Engines Deliver the Most Engaged Visitors? : A recent study by social sharing aggregator Shareaholic shares some new insights  on the most engaged search user

This report,  was based on organic search traffic data collected over six months (December 2013 to May 2014) from the sites of 300,000+ publishers reaching an audience of more than 400 million monthly unique visitors.

The  shareholic report looked at three key metrics—1) visit duration 2) pages per visit, 3) bounce rate

Results are shown below 

  1.  Overall, Bing and Yahoo deliver the most engaged visitors, 
  2.  Google and AOL deliver the least engaged.
  3.  Google searchers are quick to abandon sites they deem unfit to answer their immediate questions:
  4. On average, 61.26% search traffic are  bounced.