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July 10, 2014

The Best 5 Competitor Content Mapping Tools

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5 Content Research Tools You Should Be Using

 Content integration is one of the most important “ tools” to ensure the effectiveness of the search engine optimization” for your website .Content plan  at times can be difficult, and the sheer complexity of having a content plan which “ encapsulates your” expertise and domain knowledge across  categories is a huge challenge

If you are struggling with your content plan Plan,  Here are some tools to help you “ develop” your Content Framework 

1. PERCOLATE : Percolate helps to sources, curates and schedules content for brands to share on the social web. Also uses insights to suggest new content creation. 

 2. GOOGLE ADWORDS TOOL: Keyword Tool :The Google AdWords: Keyword Tool is one of the most used and followed “ content keywords creation tool. Ideal for webmasters,content writers and media planners , the tool directly tied directly into Google AdWords, and it uses approximate search frequency, volumes searched, search rank and the cost per

3. SOOVLE : Soovle displays keyword suggestions from up to 15 different websites. This tool is helpful for researching quickly across a number of platforms and helps you to see how keywords have performed 

4. WORDSTREAM : Wordstream keyword research tool provides you s 3 tools by which you can help organise your keywords, look up and check its performance over a period of time and PPC Adviser, which helps you the cost per keyword a)WordStream PPC Advisor b)Free AdWords Performance Grader c).Free Keyword Tools

5)TRACKMAVEN : trackmaven helps you to track Competitive keyword Intelligence tools and provides a Platform for brands to know a Competitors Ads and Content 

5.KEYWORDSPY: This helps you to understand and analyse which “ keywords your competitors are running ads on including the “ channels “ they are using for ad campaigns.