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July 4, 2014

UK to record 27 million Mobile and 12 million tablets sales , 5 million less than last year

UK consumer usage by Device : Mobile vs PC vs TV

Around two thirds of the UK's mobile phone users (or 53.7 per cent of the total population) use smartphones at least monthly, compared to 65 per cent (51.4 per cent) of the US market, estimates market researcher eMarketer

  • In 2000, just half of UK adults said that they had a mobile phone. In 2013 that figure now stands at 94%. 
  • In Q1 2013 49% of adults used their mobile phones for internet access, up from 39% a year 

  • Fewer mobile devices to be sold in the UK this year , and its estimated that mobile phone sales will drop 11% this year  while tablet sales will fall 14%
  • Meanwhile, tablet sales, which broke all records in previous quarters, slumped 17%
  • According to PC Retail: "27 million mobile phones and 12 million tablets will be sold in the UK this year - some five million devices fewer than 2013, predicts CCS Insight.