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August 25, 2014

3 Steps to Master and Create the Art of Scientific Link Bait :

Link Baits are intended to help a website to get  " higher number of Back Links within  a short period of time . This leads to sudden visibility and increase of traffic   ( as more websites across  your vertical links back to you.).

This might happen  if  you have recently updated your page with something really of  value in terms of content  publication..across your vertical, on   your industry
This might be a form of a  chart on the latest changing market shares in your industry, infographic on the state of marketshare, or you have published content that  " has not been produced elsewhere within that industry and websites that are generally considered to be experts on those topics ( according to google )

 What is important that " You actually might not have written " something which did not exist elsewhere, But the  important thing is within the list of web sites, which  Google spiders continue to crawl and look for more than 200 decisive metrics, you happen to be  among the top few sites in that Category
 A sites  might have great content, better than yours , but if its not indexed as yet.. You  will continue to  rank well in that " keyword..till the sites are indexed fully

Infographics are not merely examples of    link baiting .. Charts/ ebooks /Ads across social media ( text/display or vide ) including  Webinar and Podcasts too