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August 5, 2014

Ater 16 Months , Inmobi Shuts down its Android Plaform App Publish

 InMobi's  Android app distribution platform App Publish to shut down
Mobile advertising network InMobi is shutting down its Android app distribution platform App Publish 16 months after its launch in March 2013, 

The app platform was powered by InMobi’s acquisition of Metaflow Solutions, a UK-based mobile app management and distribution solution provider. App Publish allowed developers to submit their app on several app stores concurrently.

The platform allowed developers to publish and manage their apps across 130 global app stores. The objective was to reduce cost and time required in submitting apps to multiple 

In an email received by developers by , InMobi   quoted as saying that  post  August 4 they won’t be able to submit any apps through App Publish, noting that all apps submitted through App Publish will be now be unpublished from the app stores. 

Informed sources claim that  InMobi is in talks with the respective app stores to devise a way on republishing the apps directly via its  App Publish dashboard