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August 20, 2014

Customizing a car within 140 Characters:Acura luxury Sedans to be Twit-delivered

Customizing Your car online via a tweet .Digiday has posted a tweet, which shows ' what might be actually the first such case of using twitter to customize your 2015 TLX performance luxury sedan within a tweet 

Acura, which is the luxury division of Honda Motor Corp has been showcasing a launch of its digital campaign whereby yo can customize  is trumpeting the launch of the by letting you create a customized car, within Twitter in 4 steps 

Step 1 " Choose the Engine Type 206 HP 4 cylinder or 290 Hp V6
Step 2 Choose the drive train steer type  
Step 3 : Chose the  Color of yourAcura
Step 4 : Select the  2015 Acura model TLX and retweet to your friends

customise your car acura 2015 via twitter

Now customize your Acura car within a Twee

Acura is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company. The brand has been available in the United States and Canada since March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles.