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August 20, 2014

Google IPO Debut :Completes a Decade and Counting

Google IPO Debut :  A decade and Counting :
Google IPO completes 10 years

According to For Google this week had been an historic one has this 18th August, 2014 had been 10 years since Google debuted its IPO.  While Google has seen  many ups and downs, and at that time no none could have thought " Google would be powering their smartphones via the Mobile OS Android.. But the fact remains that 10 years in an technology industry , Google has mellowed ,made money, and made a lot of enemies ( Microsoft, Apple )
However there has been many anecdotes and behind the scenes on the run up to the IPO..which have been republished
  1.  The value of the shares Google decided to offer was a nerdy little joke: $2,718,281,828 - the first nine decimal places in the irrational number e.t -. 
  2. Google decided that its S-1, a required document that lays out a company's financials and risks and is usually written in legalese, would be written simply and intimately. "Google is not a conventional company," cofounder Larry Page started the letter. "We do not intend to become one. 
  3. A day after the IPO On August 19, 2004 the number of shares outstanding was 172.85 million while the "free float" was 19.60 million (which makes 89% held by insiders)
  4. Cofounder Sergey Brin didn't even show up for the ringing of the bell on the day of the IPO because he didn't want to take a red-eye flight. 
  5. Larry Page showed up wearing a suit he bought at Macy'sGoogle IPO Debut : A decade and Counting