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August 20, 2014

Local radio stations stages comeback as it grabs 11% share from local web


share of local advertising spends and their media mix

According to Radio advertising bureau ( RAB), the above brands are among the Q2’s “Top 10” list represents the high-volume Spot spenders who consistently maintain a majority share of voice  across the Radio airwarves

While Local along with Social and Mobile continue to call the shots when itcomes to media mix  by US brand spenders, Local Radio stations are staging a comeback and  grabbing eyeballs and share A recent BIA Kelsey report shows.The local radio market is growing, albeit at a more moderate pace than it once did, by expanding its offerings to off-air platforms, providing a wider range of listener experiences and advertiser opportunities, 

BIA/Kelsey estimates total local media spending for 2013 to be $132.7 billion. This marketplace includes all of the media that local radio stations compete against for national and local advertising spending in their markets. Local radio stations receive 11.5% percent of all advertising revenue being spent in local markets, fourth amongst all local media segments, behind direct mail (27.2 percent), newspapers (16.1 percent) and TV (14.9 percent)long-term research and analysis conducted by BIA/Kelsey for its clients and the industry..