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August 3, 2014

Mobile devices to form 19% US Retail Sales,iOS users

Mobile to make up for 19% retail shopping  purchases

Emarketer predicts that 19% US Retail purchases is said  to be made via a mobile device  and by 2018 this number will grow ro $20bk
Mobile retail to excee $100 billion in sales

In 2016 25% of purchase will be made by Moile devices and in about one year mobile sales would skyrocket to about $1billoim[[
kind of goods to be mostly purchased during mobile commerce

The mobile part though plays very  small role in the entire ecommerce spaece

This chart is an important  reminder that " inspite  of the mobile hype, Presently Mobile 
economy consists if a minuscule of " the total eCommerce Market.

ISO users and why the spend more on oci