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August 3, 2014

The 2nd lot Xiaomi handsets gets sold out in india in 5 seconds on Flipkart

Xiamo Handsets sold out in inida
has flipkart let down xiomi let her down badly

The 2nd lot Xiaomi  handsets gets sold out in india in 5 seconds on Flipkart

Xiaomi is pleasantly surprised by the raging demand for its Mi3 smartphone but can the Chinese handset maker meet it? Repeat Xiaomi (pronounced shiao-me) five times. The time you will take to accomplish this minor feat is approximately the time it took the Chinese maker of smartphones to sell out their second lot of Mi3 smartphones in India: about five seconds. Xi aomi has had two flash sales so far, on Flipkart, where Xiaomi phones are sold exclusively. 

On July 22, F l i p k a r t 's w e b s i t e crashed, unable to take the barrage of traffic as the phones went on sale for the first time in India. A week later, Flip kart hosted the second flash sale but it was over in a matter of seconds as the phones sold out. Also to set the record straight Its not only India who is seeing such a demand for Xiaomi. handsets . Earlier sold about 7 million phones in 2012 and 18 million phones in 2013

Now the question is " why has Fipkart been authorized as an exclusive sales "Retai outlet..or its just that Flipkary has managed to store and hoard the phones..and why does the consumer have to depend on our dealer However ne rest assured, this demand supply( distribution) gap which has been not only happening in India . Similar thing happened in malaya, Singapore and China.In Malay sia, the Mi3 handsets disappeared in 17 minutes when they were launched in May.