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August 10, 2014

The Chinese" Web Side Story : From 7 to 47% web penetration level in a decade

With 640 million Chinese online., with a 40% penetration level, t

According to the latest data from Internet Live stats  as on August, 2014, With 640 million Chinese online , amidst a 40% penetration level, the Chinese are well and and truly on their way to reach a billion online users by 20018

By 2010 " There were 464 million Chinese online users with   internet penetration  of 34%
By  2012  There were 564 million Chinese online users, with a 40% penetration
By 2011 There were 524 million Chinese internet user , with a  38% online penetration

The  defining years which changed  the digital map of china was during the two years , 2007 to 2009 when the country experienced  exploding growth rates of over 50% as  it added 162 million new users
 In 2007 Internet usage grew up whopping 53%,  with  addition of 73 million  new Chinese users,while  the next year saw 42% staggering growth  with 89 million chinese going online for the first time