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September 20, 2014

5 Facts You Did Not Know About Alibaba Group

IPO of worlds biggest Giant and valuation
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The Biggest IPO and market capitalization compared 
  1.  Alibaba's IPO values the Chinese company at a whopping $168 billion. That's more than triple eBay's $67 billion market valuation and is even above's $150 billion market cap. 
  2. is global wholesale marketplace online for international customers leading online wholesale marketplace for domestic Chinese small businesses
  3. Alipay: the PayPal-like service processed $623 billion of digital payments in fiscal year 2014
  4. The amount of goods  sold online  at, is  greater than that of Amazon, eBay, (JD) and Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten -- combined.,
  5. "It recently opened 11 Main, an e-commerce platform for high-end boutique products like clothing, home goods and jewelry