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September 16, 2014

Australia's Top 10 Biggest Brands on Facebook

Who tops Facebook biggest brands in the Aussie Market

Skittles is Australia's biggest brand on Facebook pages. Local fans ( Australian users in that 0.09 million. ) while the Total Fan base is 26 million. 

The number 2 brand in Australia on Facebook is McDonalds Australia with 0.98million local fan base, while the total Fan base is one million 

Number 3 biggest Brand on Facebook is Pringle with0.098million Fans while global fan base is 2.7million 

This data comes from socialbakers social metrics, which uses " effective rate of growth to find which Brand has grown highest in respect to the previous month. Not all data comes free. To get the details on the exact fan base and ore metrics, you need to become a paid subscriber

Top 5 Nations with the biggest brand following of Skittles

48% of Skittles Fan base comes from United States
The UK forms 10.6% of Fan Base
Canada,, Australia and Mexico add up to 12%
Other Nations ( which  are not a part of  SB monitoring index makes 29%