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September 4, 2014

Buying a car online : 5 Nations that are most likely to book a car over the web

Nations that are most prone to buying a car online
The chart shows the percentage of users that are most likley to book a car online . This data was based as per  Capgemini’s 12th annual global automotive study surveyed over 8,000 consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, the UK and US, and provides a detailed analysis of consumer vehicle buying behavior around the world including shopping patterns, social media usage and customer interaction

This study throws up some interesting data 

  1.  For example,  car users today use the web for researching their car, comparing against their competitors. The consumer today has become discerning , as the web has given them  all relevant information. which the sales guy used to .
  2. The car showroom today has become a platform to " initiate the consumer to the touch and feel factor.And even in an online buying environment, consumers expect dealers to play a role by  providing test drives and service packages.
  3. Brazil and China top in the list of nations that are comfortable purchasing a car online ( 67% vs 57% ) India ranks 3 with 53% respondents positively inclined to buy a car online
  4.  For the past several years, about 40% of consumers have made it clear they want to have the ability to buy vehicles over the Internet (the complete end-to-end process). This is particularly pronounced in the developing markets of Brazil, India and China. The primary reason consumers cited was the expectation of a price discount, named by 36%  of respondents.

The very fact that " the cost of showroom visits,time spent on  explaining and prospecting " has come down drastically and car brands do not mind giving a discount.. if the purchase has been made online