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September 20, 2014

Chief Executive Officers with $1 Salaries

 Jayson Adair

jack Mackey
Jack Mackey

James Truchard

James Truchard

James Truchard : CEOs with $1 salary

Richard Kinder

James Truchard : CEOs with $1 salary
Sergey Brin

James Truchard

1)Company :Whole Foods Salary: 
Co-CEO: Jack Mackey
Salary :Whole Foods Salary: $1 

2)Company :Kinder Morgan
CEO, Chairman : Morgan Salary
Salary : $1
Stock Worth : He cashed is shares and received  $1 billion in stock gains

3)Company : Google
Co Founder :Sergey  Brin : Cofounder CEO Google 

Stock Worth :shares are worth  $14 billion

4)Company :National Instruments 
Co-CEO/President: James Truchard
Salary : $1 

Stock Worth :$690 Million

5)Company :Copart Morgan
CEO, Chairman, A Jayson Adair
Salary: $1 
Stock Worth : $18001

5)Company: TeleTech

Title: CEO, Chairman, Keneth Tuchman
Salary: $1 
Stock Option worth : $840 million  other kinds of Compensation $58,748