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September 4, 2014

Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Checkups to All 1.3 Billion Users

Trust Factor of Facebook

Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Checkups to All 1.3 Billion Users - Digits - WSJ: Five months after Facebook introduced a cartoon animal to select users to teach them about its privacy settings, the social network said it will show the dinosaur to all of its 1.3 billion members. Facebook's privacy policy due to its size and and scale is often known as dinosaur. Also the fact that " Facebook today has over a billion users .The grandness and the sheer enormity is reflected in using the word " Dinosaur ."Facebook's new privacy policy   leads users through a three-step “privacy checkup” that guides users on how to control their profile information, 

According to a recent post on WSJ Facebook posts and access to their profile information by other apps. Users can also launch the checkup from the privacy shortcut menu in the upper-right portion of their desktop computer screens. Facebook began offering animated help with its privacy settings in April, when users posting publicly were greeted by a concerned dinosaur, checking whether the impending post was really intended for the world.Paddy Underwood, a product manager on Facebook’s privacy team, said more than three-fourths of users who saw the blue dinosaur completed the checkup. Of those, about three-fourths rated it helpful in a Facebook survey."