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September 18, 2014

Leading Toothpaste Brands in US :Colgate is No 1, Sensodyne and Crest showdown for no 2

Colgate, Sensodyne and PG among top 3

The  US Tooth paste market is owned by Colgate with 48% market share and is ranked no 1. While 
Glaxosmithkline beecham owned Sensodyne and PG owned Crest fight for number 2. Together these brands control over  $1180million  ( over $1b)

This statistic shows the annual sales of the leading toothpastes in the United States as of June 2014, in million U.S. dollars .Overall  the  top 10 market players  Colgate, Glaxosmithkline owned"Sensodyne and Procter and Gamble's brand Crest control over  $1180 million  in sales (over $1b )

Overall Colgate is the clear market leader in the Toothpaste category, with 3 of its brands exceeding $100 million and  raking in $569 million in  sales ,out of this 3 sub brands Colgate Total, Optic, Colgate exceeding $100 million in revenues.Overall in terms of brand share Colgate commands 48% marketshare.. in 2014 (until now)

  1. Colgate Total : 175million
  2. Colgate Optic  :134million
  3. Colgate : 110million
  4. Colgate Max Fresh : 87
  5. Colgate pro Health :64