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September 17, 2014

The Biggest Deodorant Market by Volumes :American and Europe draws Blank

According to the latest The biggest markets in the deodorant market is not US or European nation. The top 5 nations are based out of Asia and Morocco is the only African nation that are a part of the hall of fame underarm solution :)There are distinct  consumer preferences for deodorant sizes and volume which  vary by region.

India, today is  the FASTEST MARKET, shows preference for larger-sized Aerosol sprays, as they are often shared by the family. 
India , Vietnam, Iran are the fastest growing nations, with India leading with a 15% CAGR growth, followed by Vietnam and Iran with 12.5% CAGR growth each. Indonesia ranks 4th with a CAGR growth of 10%, while Morocco, the 5th largest market growing at  7.5% CAGR

  •  The global demand for market for deodorants is highest in the 50ml to 100ml bracket, followed by 0 to 50ml, which makes for 6% by volume ..
  •  In Asia Pacific the most sold deodorant is in terms of volumes is  100 to 300ml range, which forms 10% by volume. 
  • While in North American its the 50 to 100ml which is sold the most , which forms 8% of the volume 
  • op global seller, followed by Axe/Lynx/Ego, also owned by Unilever, and Beiersdorf-owned Nivea, then Dove, another Unilever brand