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October 11, 2014

Chinese Internet Penetration at 47%compared to 89% in Mobile adoption

Growth in Chinese .Mobile and internet

The chinese  web Story vs Mobile st

Chinese Mobile users now exceeds 1.23 billion users and counting ."This graph by statista shows the number of mobile phone users in China until August 2014 compared with   2013. It also compares the Mobile web users vs PC users in China

 In December 2013, about 1.23 billion mobile users had been registered China Digital Story continues to roll :Chinese mobile users now stands at  1267million  as of August 2014. In 2013 during the same time the number was 1195million 

The above data captures how  the Chinese Mobile  Story is unfolding
  1. In December 2013, about 1.23 billion mobile users had been registered in China."The number of mobile phone subscribers in China has been skyrocketing since 2011, hitting a new milestone of almost 1.25 billion users in March 2014.
  2. The population of China currently stands at 1,393,783,836 ( October 10th,2014) with internet penetration of 46% 
  3.  Compare this with Mobile Penetration . In 2012, the market for mobile devices reached a high level of saturation in China, with 89 percent of the population using a mobile phone. However, in comparison to the market in South Korea, where overall mobile ownership had reached 99 percent, 
  4.  Data published by state-affiliated research organization China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows that  of Chinese users accessing the Internet via mobile grew to 83.4 percent as of June 2014, for the first time surpassing the percentage of users who access the internet via PCs (80.9 percent) 
  5.  In 2014 Q1 and Q2 (The last 6 months ) has seen 14 million new internet users and 27 million new mobile internet users  just six months..