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October 16, 2014

Digital Advertising Report : 2014


The increasing digitization of marketing, retail sales and FMCG has completely changed the way we used marketing.  as one of our core  brand building strategy .While the digital economy has changed the way we use to market. What has not changed are the basic principles of marketing . Identify a need, try to see of any other business  are trying to t address it if yes... can you do better than them ? What are those value drivers you can bring which other cant ?

Digital marketing  has enabled us to help decide which part of our marketing dollars are effective. and what are those touch points  where we can engage them better , by Geo targeting , video marketing or a  "optimize the landing page  landing page ur marketry out changed fundamentally not changed the way we used to market, except that " it has forever changed the way we shop , led by the mobile revolution