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October 18, 2014

Is Micromax India's next Huawei ?! Commands 35% market share across feature and smart handsets

Micromax rules 35% indian feature and smartphones, Nokia do well in feature phone segment

  • Indian Mobile Handset Market Share :Big gains for Indian local assemblers   Micromax and Karbon as  Feature Phones Users shifs to Smartphones 

  • Total Handset Shipments Indian local Mobile Manufacturers are doing well in trying to replicate the Chinese Mobile Handset manufacturing Story in their country. Local mobile assemblers ,lead by Micromax, at number one along with Karbonn  Lava and others have managed to capture a market share of around 35% of the total handset shipments in that nation . Total handset shipments Includes both feature as well as smartphones
Global Giants Samsung and Nokia managed to hold 25% total handset shipments with 14.4% owned by Samsung,( 10.0% by Nokia )
  1. The Feature phone segment led by Micromax and Nokia with approx 14% each, followed by Karbonn with 11%.Not Surprisingly  as Samsung does not cater to this non smartphone segment, its share was 8% 
  2. In Smartphones : Samsung outplayed everyone else in the market with 25.3% marketshare while Micromax stunned and surprised  many analysts and industry with its best ever and first ever performance garnering an  impressive 19.1% marketshare  in one of the most competitive industry. Karbonn and Motorola garnered around 5% each and Nokia's smartphone marketshare in a country which it virtually ruled a decade ago  tumbled to an all time low with just 4%