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November 26, 2014

Online Gaming Across the world : Which nations spent most time in online gaming



Asia Pacific Has Largest Daily Online Gaming Audience - comScore, Inc
: "Worldwide, nearly 671 million people are into online gaming  using desktop PC or laptop in with 145 million gamers playing on a daily basis. The number of daily gamers differs across the continents with an average of 47.9 million internet users in Asia Pacific accessing an online gaming site daily, followed by Europe with 45.6 million daily players. North America was third with 30.3 million internet users playing games on a daily basis whilst Latin America and Middle East – Africa complete the rankings with 14.9 million and 6.2 million respectively.

The time  spent by online gamers across Nations  varies widely '. North America had the most avid online gamers as each visitor spent an average of 107 minutes, whilst European gamers spent 97 minutes and visitors from Latin America played online games for over an hour during the month (67 minutes).