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December 18, 2014

2014 Worst and Best Social Media Brands

Fiat Leads social media rankings

The best and worst brands on social media in 2014 - Digiday: "Who were the movers and shakers among consumer brands this year.. Social Media  have gone mainstream this year.. with brands spending more on Mobile and social media as they increasingly realise " social  "proof.. ads much more value to the brand as compared to banner blindness.

Among the Social Media Superstarts this year Fiat, Yamaha and Burton had a great year in social media, while American Airlines remained stalled out on the tarmac, according to a new study by Sprinklr, a social media management firm.

Using its social index — an analysis platform that measures social media performances of over 35,000 brands using 11 different metrics on over a dozen social networks — Sprinklr has identified the brands that have both most and least improved their performances on social media in 2014."