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December 15, 2014

Mobile Media to form 33% of Ad Spends in China By 2018

Mobile and Digital  to form over  40% of the budgets

Chinese Mobile Spends Exploding :According to eMarketer Daily - Mobile Ad Spending Passes $7 Billion in China -spending on mobile internet-based formats in China skyrocketed this year by 600.0%, according to eMarketer estimates. By the end of this year, advertisers in the country will invest more than $6.39 billion in mobile internet ads, representing 15.9% of all mobile internet ad spending worldwide. 

When messaging-based formats are added to the mix, mobile ad spending in China rises to $7.11 billion in 2014 to account for 30.0% of all digital ad spending in the country.Digital itself will account for just over 37% of total paid media spending in China this year, with mobile specifically making up 11.1% of the total.