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February 18, 2015

Advertisers Spends on Programmatic ( RTB) Digital Video Ads in EU Tops $7Billion,

As programmatic advertising becomes mainstream, Video Ad spending via the medium is set to see a comfortable jump, by 2017, The revenues generated via  Automatic Real time Auction based  ( RTB ) real time bidding  in UK shows that  since 2012  revenue  growth is expected to grow 10 times to  from 35million Euro to 368m Eurois how online display advertising work is set to grow 25%   to reach Euro 626 million  in 2017 since 2012 onwards

Programmed Automated ads  refers to automated, real time bidding to reach users instead of traditional  advertisings  where ads are pre wired to show ads to the masses 

As the  definition and application between the  Smart TV , Tablets and  Smartphones blur.Online  Automated  digital video  ads is set to grow at an enormous pace  and is expected to account for nearly 50% of US digital display market in 2014


  As the Technology Application TV , Tablets and  Smartphones blur.Programnatic Video ads ( run via RTB has shot up )
However the above chart alltough it talks about EU,  the percentage of video ad via programmatic technology   and  how much of it would be a form of  larger digital video marketing tools  remains to be seen

 Among EU is not the same for all countries. UK comes at the top  from which 40% of video ads  revenue would be powered by  programattic channels compared to just 18% in 2013 . Italy and France makes the second 2 spot  where P buying is rampant ,with RTB or programmatic video ads spendng to form 36% and 31%