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February 20, 2015

Mobile Commerce Blitzkrieg forcing the Giant Retail Stores to create a walled web

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Global mobile commerce in 2014 according to  Goldman Sachs was $204 billion, a number set to increase by nearly 50 percent this year and set to top $415 billion in 2016 – 

As Smartphones and tablets have become our shopping device of choice  creating and breaking record sales  each year.. the Giant Retail Stores are  waking up to face a new Frankenstein created only  by themselves .Mobile Showrooming  a concept which  which gives the consumer an highly overrated, hyphenated  and attenuated  view of its   Physical Store , aided by Mobile Apps,  Geospatial networks, Reviews and   Ratings.

While there  are divergence of  opinions on   mobile’s impact on driving sales to retail stores as its hard to  show by numbers , but its easy to spot  how many users   have stopped visiting retail stores as Mobile Showrooming has profoundly  impacted  Retail Stores  as  consumers have new tools at their disposal.

Price comparisons are available to shoppers in real time,Product review sites  rates you.. compares you to your competitors eCommerce aggregators list you ..and social media brings all of that together.Each element of the brands trust and social layer of data are stripped  and researched , deliberated in shopping forums and  an opinion about your product are formed  and a customer is converted in real time