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February 6, 2015

Most Active Whatsapp Countries Among Mobile Internet users

mobile internet and whatsapp

source : Statista

The chart shows the percentage of mobile internet users in selected countries who are active WhatsApp users.

  • South Africa and Malaysia  Tops as 1st and 2nd  in the number of whatsapp users  with 78% and 75% .Argentina and Singapore ranks 3rd and 4th  
  • Whatsapp seems to be quite popular with  Indians with 69% whatsapp users among those using mobile internet
  • Surprisingly As of  2014, the WhatsApp penetration rate among U.S. mobile internet users was 8%.
  • Spain and India whose Whatsapp penetration rate among the mobile internet users were 70 and 69% respectively ranked 6th and 7th  after  Singapore and Hong Kong