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February 6, 2015

Most Effective Device For Online advertising rated by Advertisers

advertiser preference on device

The chart shows how digital Advertising  media device has changed since 2013 vs  what device will play the most imp role in online advertising  in 2016

  •  Digital Advertising  according to advertisers who participated in this poll is moving from PC to Mobile and Tablets.Since 2013 advertisers feel the importance of Smartphone advertising has increased substantially ( 86% advertisers  in 2013 vs 98%  forecasted in 2016)
  • Importance of  TV as a device has shrunk by 7% according to digital marketing advertisers.
  • The importance of Tablet as most effective device has grown 18% with 81% acceptance from advertisers in 2013 to projected 99% acceptance in 2016
  • The  biggest choice of device has been the connected TV as 47% more advertisers are optimistic on this media ( projected  85% in 2016 compared to 2013 47%
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