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February 18, 2015

Media Spends by Top 50 Companies in Brazil is nearly 3 times as Argentina

 The chart based on the findings of emarketer shows the disparity between  BAM nations  in South America  ( Brazil Argentina and Mexico) in terms of spending on cross media channels including radio, print, news, outdoor and digital 

BRAZIL : media spends jumped  2 fold , a 100% increase in media spends from 2010 to 2016..thats an average yearly growth of 16%( $14.81billion in 2010 to forecasted $27.6billion)
ARGENTINA: media spends for b2b and b2c grew steadily from $3.17billion  to $8.22billion growing 3 fold..
MEXICO: make up for the  lowest media spend increase with spends increasing  from $3.73billion to  $6.08 billion