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March 5, 2015

5G Networks are raring to go at you World Mobile Congress

The  World mobile Congress at Barcelona  had a lot of time to talk about 5G. Now those of you satisfied with your mobile streaming speeds  3G , or 4G depending on which part of the world you stay. Most  operators   will not let you openly .. but in themselves amuse themselves by saying .. how the  wireless industry is going the Windows  and Intel model (humorously called #WINTEL model)  of upgrade or die models which were  the object of much scorn and  ridicule by the consumers 

However mobile operators seem upbeat about having 5G networks  up and running by 2020, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to coincide with Tokyo Olympics same year. But first the industry will have to decide what 5G  would  do ... that  3G or 4G networks cant offer ?  Thats plenty of fodder to think till  Mobile Congress 2020  Barcelona