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March 25, 2015

Biggest spenders on corporate lobbying :Google's $16.8 million is what Apple and Exxon's spent together

Top 10 companies marketcap vs lobbying spends

When it When it comes to corporate lobbying there is no one that can spent the kind of money except Google Google spent a whooping $16 billion on Lobbying. This is the highest every money spent on corporate Lobbying 

What Google spent on Lobbying on its own, equaled Apple's and Exxon combined spends
Google's $16billion spent on Lobbying on a market cap of $382 million,compared to $4.1 million by Apple and $12.7 million by Exxon Mobile

This is what America's biggest corporations spent on Lobbying last year
  1. While Google 's $16 million ranked it no 1,Exxon Mobil with $12.7 million spent on Lobbying took the no 2 spot .
  2. Microsoft with $8.3 million  took the third place  followed by Johnson and Johnson who ranked  4th with$7.7 million spent on Lobbying
  3. The 5th place went to Berkshire Hathaway with$7.2 million spends.
  4.  Walmart and Wells Fargo made by the 6th and 7th rank, while Apple with $4.1 million took the bottom spot  ranking no 8