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March 4, 2015

Finally iPhone 6 Stops Samsung Blitzkrieg, with 75million units, Apple is no 1

 Smartphone battle lines
   After ruling the #Smartphone market for  3 years. Its time to welcome a new no 1 smartphone player .Samsung smartphones  finally ran out of steam in the last quarter of 2014,  and lost out to 2 million handsets 

Globally  during the most competitive Q4 phase of 2014,Apple sold  75million units, while  while  Samsung ended up with 73million.The difference is  a mere 0.5 % points  and  many might not find this  worth analysing However the story lies elsewhere. The story of  coming back from the dead ..

Last year 4th Quarter, 2013 Samsung sold a whopping  83 million smartphones globally , while Apple ended up in  a pile of heap  with 50 million .Apple was down and out For every 10 Smartphones shipped across the world, 6 were Samsung and 4 were iPhones.

 Two years ago  iPhone was staring down the barrel with 18% marketshare, while  Samsung consolidated itself  across  Smartphone Kingdom with over 29%  share. Today . Just 12 months  after , a new iphone 6 and  their marketshare are  evenly poised 

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