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March 7, 2015

The Facebook Power of 75 :Users Logging on via Mobile and Revenue from mobile advertising

Facebook revenue vs user chart

 In the year 2013, 45% of   Facebook’s $6.99 billion in advertising revenues worldwide came via mobile ads . This year, mobile ads will account for 73.0%—or $10.90 billion—of the social network’s ad revenues worldwide ( projected by emarketer)

Mobile ad business and  global user rate

Facebook closes in on a billion mobile users worldwide  in 2015 and nearly 75% of its  ad  revenues  are set to come  from its  mobile operations this year  Also globally 3 out of every four  users logging onto Facebook  does so from mobile 

This milestone of 75 in Facebook's case is  quite an unique one , in the sense over the last few years  Facebook has transitioned from a web to mobile  player .Today  Facebook mobile users  has emerged  as a big " revenue monetization  model  wherein  75% advertising revenues earned by the company comes from Mobile advertising . With  where  every third person out of four (75%) logs in via mobile