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March 9, 2015

The Smart Watch War in US and 2015 Launch Dates

Features of Smart Watch Apple vs Competitors

Today March 9th,2015 is a big day for Apple fans and for the wearable devices market . never has been a time after the launch of iPhone .. that a consumer electronics product generated this much of anticipation and hype as the iWatch. Billed as the next biggest  technology revolution on your wrist.. Apple's iWatch promises to change whatever we knew about watches and for  some of us having growing on a diet of gizmos and gadgets.a wrist watch  is still a fashion statement 

However after all that build up, as we  start showing you the details of the iwatch pricing, launch dates  and what the user experience will be like.  Here are the compilations of all other smart watches that is set to d├ębut or some have debuted already this year.