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March 15, 2015

Top 10 US brands spends on advertising " exceed $15,964.4 million"

 Pfizer,Time Warner and Berkshire among the biggest  ad spenders

   Advertising  Spends among the top 10 US brands exceeded      $15,964.4  million, a growth of 6.6% according to Kantar Media. This growth was led by the large and mid size brands ( 3% yoy growth)

Combined the top 10 brands  spends on advertising by brands  was an average of   10%.. with Pfizer being the only brand whose marketing budgets shot up by 26%  along with AT and T  15.2%

The Top 3  brands  marketing  and advertising spends are led by consumer packaging good brands, with  Procter and Gamble.The consumer durable brand  was the top advertiser with media budget spends of  of $3,173.0 million, up 11.8% led by its  laundry ,household cleaning and paper product brands. 

General Motors was the second largest advertiser in 2013 with expenditures of $1,794.0 million, an increase of 10.0 percent. 

Toyota was the no 4, with 2% increase in their marketing spends  to reach $1,267.5

 The Biggest  growth in  ad budgets came from the pharma giant up  as it zoomed to  26.8%  to $1,138.2 million