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March 27, 2015

US Mobile Ad Spending to exceed Desktop ads by 2016

Ad spending by device

Mobile Ad Spending vs Desktop digital  ad spending in US

Mobile ad spendingg will exceed  desktop spends by the year 2016, Presently  mobile share  out of total ad spends for, 19% as compared to 32% for desktop 

n 2015  desktop spends  is set o decline from an average  $30 to $26.59$  . While in  2016 mobile  online ads will make up $40 of total ad spends  from $28  a grow of 42% as compared to 2015

With strong spending growth predicted again next year – of 41% – mobile will overtake desktops and average 60.4% of digital ad spending and more than one-fifth (20.4%) of total media ad spending, per the forecast.