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April 29, 2015

47% google traffic in north american driven by mobile

why mobile search  will increase your conversion rates

While the Google update for mobile is almost near . I just received an update on a emarketer post which said " nearly half of Fortune 500 websites were not mobile-friendly according to Google’s standards .Post the new  update by google on the importance of mobile site optimization,, Fortune 500 websites have got  hit . while we will be sharing this data in details, a recent research by  ADLIFT  showed the CTR's dropped significantly if you are not present in the first page for google mobile search(CTRs) For example, results for branded keywords fell from 46.4% CTR for position one to 10.8% for position two.Q1 2015

 47% of Google’s North America organic traffic was driven by mobile—up 3 percentage points quarter over quarter and 11 points year over year. Across all engines,mobile  has started to power more users  as  search traffic driven by mobile rose 54% in the first quarter of this year, vs. 14% for overall search visits. -.Over time " mobile will dominate search  to an extent.. that " user  experience will primarily led by " mobile users"